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Non-Traditional Estate Planning

When an individual passes away without a will, Wisconsin statutes provide for the assets to pass to the decedent’s heirs.  This works well for certain individuals whose heirs consist only of their spouse or their children.  However, many non-traditional families are not covered by these statutes; for example, unmarried couples who do not plan to wed can benefit from estate planning and power of attorney declarations.


Additionally, gay and lesbian couples are not covered by legal statutes. Under Wisconsin’s current domestic partnership laws, gay and lesbian couples can register and receive some of the legal benefits that married couples receive.   However, this law is currently under review and estate planning may be helpful for these couples.  Also, if you are a gay or lesbian couple and were legally married in another state but reside in Wisconsin, there are legal challenges that you may face. Sound estate planning can assist you to ensure that your spouse and children are properly provided for, and a health care power of attorney will allow your spouse to make medical decisions on your behalf.


Malm & LaFave’s decades of experience in estate planning will help you know your options and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and that your future is secure.


Get peace of mind knowing that Malm & LaFave has created a solid estate plan offering security for the ones you love.


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